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Note: Our 18-hole course is typically played White to Red but it may from time-to-time involve other nines such as playing Red to Blue or Blue to White. So if you are playing 18 holes, be sure to click on both nines that you will be playing.

Viewing Tips: In watching the YouTube flyover videos, you may want to watch the video in fullscreen mode for a more panoramic effect. Also seeing it in high definition — 720p HD will add to to your viewing pleasure. To watch the videos in HD do the following: You will see a gearbox in a black band just below the YouTube viewing screen. Click on the gearbox, then click on quality and finally click on 720p HD.

Caution: When you watch the video in 720p HD or 1080 HD, the live streaming may not be able to keep up with the video speed at certain times of day in which case you may have to start over OR reduce the quality to Normal.

Please let us know what you think of the videos and hopefully that will be a Thumbs Up rating. Thanks.

White 9

Red 9

Blue 9