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League Play @ Stanley

Stanley Golf Course offers afternoon weekday league play starting at 3:24 to as late as 5:40 Monday through Friday. The league playing window is 6 months long, from the beginning of April through the end of September. You can fill out a request to join a league at any time of the year. League play typically starts sometime in April and ends late August or early in September.

If you are looking to start a league be sure to fill out the request form. Presently all of our league slots are all filled with returning leagues.

If you want to join an existing league, your name will be added to our Ready-to-Play list along with the information you provide. This list is made available to any league looking for players to fill their playing rosters either as a "regular" who will play every week, or as a "substitute" to fill openings when they arise. A league official may then call or e-mail you directly to determine if a suitable playing arrangement can be made for both you and the inquiring league. 


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